Rick Scarborough

Imagine a group of skinheads seeking to build a National Socialist education center 600 feet from the gates of Auschwitz.

Plans to build a $100-million, 13-story mega-mosque and “Islamic center” near the site of Ground Zero in Manhattan – approved last week by the Planning Commission of Lower Manhattan — are no less offensive and absurd.

It’s been less than nine years since more than 3,000 Americans were killed when 19 citizens of Saudi Arabia and Egypt flew two commercial airliners into the Twin Towers, demolishing the World Trade Center, in the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor.

The murders were carried out by Muslims, in the name of Islam and for the purpose of advancing the cause of Islam in its 1,300-year war on the West – a war begun by the world’s first terrorist, a warlord named Muhammad, Islam’s founder.

All over the world, Christians and Jews are murdered or oppressed as decreed by the Koran, Islam’s “holy book.”

There are no churches in Saudi Arabia, the worldwide center of Islam. It’s illegal to have worship services in private homes, or even to bring a Bible into the country. In Egypt, a church can’t be repaired without the permission of the nation’s Islamic government – permission rarely given. In Upper Egypt, worshipers were killed leaving a Coptic church on Easter.

While Christians and Jews are murdered by Muslims around the world, our political leaders look on with smiling approval as a monument to the killers’ creed is constructed near the site on which Muslims committed mass murder.

Has America lost any semblance of a survival instinct? Have we become so besotted by multiculturalism that we are willing to tolerate this insult to the 9/11 victims and their families?

Americans everywhere must stand up against this obscenity. Our political leaders must be forced to go on record – Will they fight for America or bow down to form of tolerance bordering on self-immolation? The Ground Zero Mosque is a symbol of national decline and abject surrender in the war on terrorism that must be opposed.