Texas to the NFL: Stop playing games

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Texas to the NFL: Stop playing games

 – FoxNews.com

They say “Don’t mess with Texas” for a reason.

And if the National Football League wants to avoid getting blindsided, it might want to think twice about what that advice means.

Just a week after Houston hosted Super Bowl LI, the League suggested that if the Lone Star State legislature passes a proposed bill requiring people to use the bathroom, locker room or shower rooms and changing room assigned to their biological gender, Texas may forfeit high-profile sports events in the future. Why? Because gay rights groups consider the law tantamount to legalized discrimination against trans-gender people.

The NFL’s threat is nearly identical to one issued by the National Basketball Association and the NCAA, the governing body for collegiate sports, against North Carolina, which has already enacted a similar law.

Earlier this week, Bellwether looked at the nasty standoff between North Carolina’s Republican-controlled legislature and opponents of the law. The NBA moved this year’s All-Star game, slated for Charlotte, to New Orleans, as punishment for North Carolina’s so-called bathroom bill. And the NCAA levitra history has threatened to shut the Tar Heel state out of future sports events unless the law, officially known as HR2, is repealed.

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