Vow: Houston Won’t Be Taken

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by Rick Scarborough with Robert Knight
September 13, 2013

We learned this week that the campaign that produced the virulently anti-Christian LGBT statute in San Antonio is headed for Texas’ largest city.

The real news, however, is that pastors are already being organized and that we will not allow this assault on our religious freedom to succeed. You heard it here first. This odious law will not pass in the city of Houston.

Last night in Houston, Vision America held a gala honoring American Family Association founder Don Wildmon and former Sen. Rick Santorum with “Heroes of the Faith” awards.  Don, whose decades-long battle for morality has inspired millions, received the Daniel award, which will henceforth be known as the Don Wildmon Award for pastors for bravery in the public square.

At the event, held at the Westin Galleria, Don and I both made it clear that any hope that America will turn back to its Christian roots lies with the nation’s pastors.

Rick Santorum drew a standing ovation as he recounted his lonely battle to include moral issues in the national presidential debates in 2012.  The most striking part was when he recounted being in a room in New York with several Republican billionaires, who questioned him sharply about his pro-life, pro-family views. Rick noted that other candidates said they held the same views, so why were they grilling him? One of them leaned forward and answered, “Because you really mean it.”

He does, which is why Vision America was proud to have him at the Heroes of Faith Gala and will continue to work with him to restore America to greatness.


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